The Paschal Way of the Light (Via Lucis) that was mentioned by Father Kevin at Masses last weekend (April 14-15) is a new devotion celebrated during the 50 days of Easter.

It is similar to the Way of the Cross – also known as Stations of the Cross – that we pray during Lent to commemorate Jesus’ journey to the cross, from his condemnation by Pilate to his crucifixion and burial.

During the Paschal Way of the Light, a paschal candle or icon of the Resurrection is raised for all to see at each of 14 joyful stations that reflect on the life of Christ from Resurrection to Pentecost.

Father Peter John Cameron, O.P., wrote the Paschal Way of the Light as an article for Magnificat magazine in 2013. A PDF of the Paschal Way of the Light is available at