On the weekend of March 25-26, all parishes in the diocese are asked to take up a combined collection to benefit three important projects within the Church in the United States.

Catholic Home Missions Appeal supports the Home Missions in places like Appalachia, the Deep South, and the Rocky Mountain states where the Catholic Church struggles just to keep parishes open and to educate the children in the faith. Home mission parishes face priest shortages, poverty, unemployment, difficult or isolated terrain, religious hostility and other circumstances that impact their practice of the faith.

National Collection for Black and Indian Missions is one of the oldest collections in the Church. First taken in 1884, the National Black and Indian Mission Collection assists with the evangelization of African American, Native American, Eskimo and Aleute communities. Poor churches and schools greatly depend on these funds to continue their local programs and pastoral activities.

The Catholic Campaign for Human Development was established 47 years ago to help people across the nation break the cycle of poverty. CCHD supports low-income people as they work together to advance education opportunities, create jobs and improve access to services for the disabled.