This photo is from the Tanzanian diocese’s website.


Father Robert Kimbaleba of the Diocese of Kayanga in Tanzania will visit our parish and preach at all Masses on the July 22-23 weekend as part of the diocese’s Missionary Cooperation Plan. 

Kayanga Catholic Diocese was established in 2008 in the northwest corner of Tanzania in East Africa where electricity and running water are, for the most part, unknown. There are no paved roads and a number of roads are impassable during the rainy season. The Gospel was brought to this area about 100 years ago and the Church is rapidly taking root.

With such phenomenal growth in the faith goes the need for priests to minister to the faithful. The new diocese has been blessed with many young peopkle who want to train for the priesthood.

Although seminary training is cheap in Tanzania, the new diocese is not able to meet all the needs for the big number of seminarians. It costs the diocese about $30 a month to pay for school supplies for a seminarian. Tuition is $1,500 a year.

The diocese is raising money to establish a fund for the training of these young people who will be important agents of evangelization in the near future. 

Please be generous in responding to the mission endeavors of our universal Church. The second collection is a way of responding to Christ’s command that we care for the poor and spread the gospel throughout the world. It raises much needed missionary awareness. If you give electronically, the collection is labeled “Mission Co-op”.