By Peter Metzler
   Kellie, Elise and I began attending St. Alphonsus in 2012 after moving from O’Hara Township to Pine. Elise was then four years old. Now nine, she was blessed with a little brother, Chase, in 2014.
   Elise and Chase transformed our lives with new meaning. Kellie and I want to share everything with them: our joys, experiences and faith. We wish the best for our children and pray we can help them mature into happy, successful young people.
   But what is success for our kids? Is success defined by a good education, career accomplishment, nice cars and homes? We know that all material things are temporary and never bring true happiness. Happiness only results when we put Jesus first in our lives and follow God’s will rather than our own.
   The CCD (Confraternity of Christian Doctrine) Faith Formation Program at St. Alphonsus is a tremendous resource to help Elise, and soon Chase, learn the fundamentals of our Catholic faith and values. CCD classes provide religious instruction, teach children about Jesus and his Church, and prepare them to receive the sacraments of Reconciliation (confession), the Eucharist (communion) and Confirmation.
   As Catholic parents, raising our kids to know and love Jesus should be the first priority. The Bible instructs parents to teach the faith to their children. How could there be anything more important since a relationship with Jesus determines eternal happiness beyond this life?
   Perhaps our biggest parental fear would be to see our children turn away from the Church because they have a flawed understanding of truth, Catholicism and the Bible. Young people often think that the Church requires a choice between faith and science; that Christianity at its core means simply living with ethical values; that Christians don’t love others if they define sin 
according to the Church’s Catechism.
   Therefore, Kellie and I deeply desire that Elise and Chase understand, exactly, the Catholic faith. This requires that we study the Bible with them, understand how the world gets Christianity wrong, and rely on the truth of Christ’s Church as taught in CCD.
   We are truly blessed to have CCD classes available for our children at St. Alphonsus. We pray that the CCD Faith Formation Program together with our parental discipleship will help lead Elise and Chase to everlasting lives of true happiness with Jesus.
   CCD classes are offered during the school year to students from kindergarten through eighth grade. Classes are held on Mondays from 6 to 7:15 p.m. For families who have difficulty attending classes on Monday nights, a homeschooling program is available. 
For details, contact Religious Education Director Louis Bosco at 724-935-1160 or
May God Bless our CCD Students,
Peter, Kellie, Elise and Chase Metzler