By Mark Prybyl 

The St. Alphonsus Men’s Fellowship Group wrapped up its 2018 year with Part 2 of “Speaking the Truth in Love” at its Dec. 17 meeting.

Is “Speaking the Truth….in Love” something that only men have a big issue with or all of us? What can be said when your wife asks if a certain dress makes her look fat? When to be truthful and when to be tactful? Do we have to distinguish or can both things be satisfied? These are some of the issues to which we looked for God-guided answers.  

And how about activities? Men can get involved in many “good” even “noble” activities. How do we distinguish when these activities are drawing us away from our most important purposes?

Our discussion led to as many opinions as there were men present. We did come to a bottom-line answer: If, ultimately, our goal is to get ourselves and those we are with into heaven, then perhaps using this perspective will help us speak and act appropriately. Will speaking the truth or getting involved in something move us towards heaven and God or further away?  All of us recalled experiences when speaking too rapidly, even when truthful, moved everyone involved further from the heavenly goal.

As a result of our discussion we concluded that controlling speech is the right approach, if not the easiest. Perhaps speaking the truth can wait until the emotion of the moment has passed. The conversation probably still needs to happen but the emotion can be toned down in that way. (Of course any delay in answering that dress question is a losing proposition.)

As 2019 dawns for all of us, a goal of thinking before speaking and asking God for inspiration, is at the top of the list of New Year’s resolutions. And for those thorny issues – spending time with the Lord can lead to clarity of thought. We may not always like His answers, but we can be confident that we are on the right path.

The next Men’s Fellowship meeting is on Monday, Jan. 7, at 6 p.m.  in the Seelos Academy cafeteria.  Please join us as we discuss “God’s Unconditional Love”.  All are invited to join us afterward for additional fellowship at Cenci’s.