By Scott Elliott
The Men’s Fellowship topic for our Feb. 19 meeting centered on the Sunday (Feb. 18) readings and the question: What can you do to honor the covenant God has made with you?
Covenants are a central theme in the Bible, and God’s covenant with Noah is one of the most documented examples of a biblical binding agreement. A covenant, such as God promising never to  flood the earth again, is the Lord taking action.
As men of God, we must also act and uphold our end of the agreement, carrying ourselves in a manner that is Christ-like. The Lord’s Prayer and Psalm 25 are examples of confirming our agreement and submitting to the terms of our covenant with the Lord. By accepting God’s will, we form a solemn promise to act in the manner He wants. Additionally, God consents to enter into a covenant with sinful beings.
While all are called to join that covenant – and live a life of faith – many fail to hear the call, perhaps because of the cacophony surrounding man today.
Such may be the case for the shooter at the Parkland, FL, school. Our discussion of this heinous event was somber yet insightful as we analyzed how to process tragedies from a godly perspective and God’s covenant with us. God gives us free will, and incidents like Parkland are examples of individuals who misuse their free will to harm others and a society that has turned its back on the covenant with the Lord. 
Like the people of Nineveh, may we repent and believe in the gospel. 
Our next meeting is on Monday, March 5, from 6 to 7:15 p.m. in the school cafeteria. The Signpost topic for the evening will be Authentic Christian Men.  As usual, we will head to Cenci’s after the meeting to continue our fellowship over food and drink. All are welcome! Also, First Friday is March 2 so please join the Men’s Fellowship at the 7 a.m. Mass; it is being offered for Terry Sinclair, the brother of fellow member John Sinclair.