pittsburgh men's emmaus

Are you looking for a retreat for men from all walks of life?

That is what the Pittsburgh Men’s Emmaus Retreat Weekend is. It will be held Dec. 1-3, 2017, at St. Paul of the Cross Retreat Center in Pittsburgh.

The retreat is a gathering of men, ages 18 and up. Some are Christian, some are not. Some have no faith at all. Many have questions about life, themselves and God. “Does God even exist? Does God have a place in my life?”

The retreat takes place in a relaxed atmosphere, Friday night through Sunday afternoon, minutes from home. A private room and food are provided.

The cost for the weekend is $150 – partial or full financial assistance is available. An Emmaus retreat weekend is not about the money and retreat leaders will make sure that does not stop you from attending. All discussions regarding the cost of your weekend are held in confidence. There are attendees at every retreat who may pay nothing at all.

The men organizing and hosting these Emmaus retreat weekends were not born holy and each has led a very different life. They will not try to convince or preach to you. Instead, they will share experiences and let you draw your own conclusions.

You will have a chance to reflect, pray and consider the bigger questions of your life in a place that is far enough away to separate you from the distractions of everyday life, but close enough that you could be home in a matter of minutes.

For information, contact parishioner Mike Cappelli at 412-352-7631 or visit http://www.PittsburghEmmaus.com/

In addition to the Emmaus retreat, men are invited to the St. Alphonsus Men’s Retreat, which will be held Jan. 19-21 at St. Paul of the Cross Retreat Center. The theme is: “In Christ, United in Mind and Heart”. Information: MarkPrybyl@gmail.com or George.Payne@comcast.net.