In 1840, St. Alphonsus Parish celebrated the dedication of its first church on July 19. This year marks our 178th anniversary!

Parishioner Ambrose Schaffer (sometimes spelled Schaeffer) of Baden-Baden, Germany, and his wife Barbara donated the land for the St. Alphonsus parish grounds in the area called Schaffer’s Corner. You can find his sandstone grave marker in the parish cemetery, along with others of Irish and German immigrants that date back to the 1800s.

The 1889 date inscribed in the keystone above St. Alphonsus Church’s front doors is when this church building—the third—was erected on the Wexford site. It’s also the date that the parish school was founded.

The original building with stained glass windows is half the size of the current St. Alphonsus Church, which was renovated and enlarged in 1912 and 1968. The 1912 changes included extending the seating area and adding two sacristies, a new sanctuary and altars, confessionals and a baptismal font. The 1968 addition of the “new side” doubled the seating capacity.

In 1962, the parish purchased a neighboring farm to allow for future expansion of the church or school. The farmhouse was razed and a new exit driveway added.

The church’s cemetery—with tombstones dating back more than a century—was full by the early 1980s. A rose granite “Mausoleum of the Apostles”, embellished with the figures of the four evangelists, was dedicated in 1981.

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