On Mission for The Church Alive! is a consultative strategic planning process that invites participation from clergy, lay ecclesial ministers, parish volunteers and all the faithful. The purpose of the consultation is to foster viable, sustainable, and vibrant parishes and schools that support the mission of Jesus Christ and His Church.

The first year is dedicated to prayer and study. We pray the prayer for On Mission at our Masses. We study the changing realities of our diocese such as fewer people attending Mass, aging buildings without the financial resources to care for them, and less priests.

Our parishes are changing rapidly. In less than five years we will have more parishes than priests. On Mission for The Church Alive! is an effort to re-envision parish life, taking into account the changes we face. It is an effort to inspire every Catholic in our diocese to make Christ a focal point of their lives, and offer their prayers, service and material goods in order to promote vibrant worship, life-changing faith formation, outreach to the marginalized and evangelization to those who don’t know Jesus.

In fall 2016, consultation will take place at the district, cluster and parish level to provide feedback from the priests, deacons, religious and lay faithful on the draft models of ministry, so they can submit a recommendation to Bishop David Zubik by Dec. 31, 2017.

This process will require realignment of resources in every district of our diocese. It will result in new structures, staffing and strategies for our parishes and schools, ensuring effective pastoral care so that Catholics in the six counties of the Diocese of Pittsburgh can “learn Jesus, love Jesus and live Jesus.”

For more information, go to OnMissionChurchAlive.org