Father Kevin Fazio

Jesus Is The Way

Jesus clearly preached and lived non-violence, and many Christians (and non-Christians) who followed him did the same. Yet the human race is really slow to follow along and live the way that God desires.

Regardless of whether violence is inflicted upon a single person, or the multitudes, as in Las Vegas this week, it is wrong, hurtful, and sinful.  We know this, yet our culture seems to promote it in movies, television shows, Internet videos, and video games. The violence is all around us — almost all of the time — unless we limit or even shut ourselves off from exposure to such media outlets (which isn’t such a bad thing to do occasionally).

We must continue to pray for victims of senseless violence and for those contemplating violent actions.  Pray also that we raise our children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews as Jesus desires, and that our own thoughts, words, and actions take the route of peace and thanksgiving that Jesus teaches.


Yours in Christ,



Fr. Kevin