Father Kevin Fazio

Many Blessings

Many thanks to all who helped our “Faith on Fire” and “Seelos Week” events come to life last week, as many graces were given and received by all who participated, along with a lot of smiles and laughter!

What a blessing it is to be here. To have Jim and Mary Towey share insights and stories about their relationship with St. Teresa of Calcutta, and to have actor/playwright Casey Groves perform his one-man play about Blessed Francis X. Seelos, a “to be” saint who lived and served on the soil of Wexford, was such a unique opportunity.  As I reflected a bit about these events, I couldn’t help but think about how the close connections that St. Alphonsus Church has to sainthood really surfaced last week, thanks be to God.

Two weeks ago a married couple who used to live in Wexford and belong to St. Al’s introduced themselves to me after Mass. (They now live in Florida.) I recognized the last name because a number of our families asked me to join in with their prayers for a member of this family who took a bad fall and was in a coma during this past summer. As I mentioned this, the wife began to cry and said, “That family member is me. It’s a miracle that I am alive.”  As she said this, we embraced, and I was holding a living miracle!  It was the highlight of my weekend.  God is good.

Time Away

Each priest in our diocese is permitted three weekends each year away from their assignment.  I took one of these weekends in July, and am taking another one the weekend of Oct. 21-22, along with the weekdays prior to that weekend.  I will take all of you with me in prayer.  Please welcome the priests that will be pinch-hitting for me!


Yours in Christ,



Fr. Kevin