Fr. Kevin C. Fazio

The Resurrection and The Eucharist

While we believe that Jesus somehow and in some way has always existed, his entrance into chronological human history allows us to identify with God through our humanity, and through his humanity. His Resurrection from death to new life is why we can call him The Christ, which means “the anointed one” or “the messiah.”

Historically, the event of the Resurrection happened once. Spiritually, it continues in and through the sacraments, and the sacrament of life itself, offering us a chance for our own transformations, which again are not onetime events in our lives, but ongoing and continual.

We receive Holy Communion to help clean our souls, and to help us grow in deeper communion with each other and with Jesus. In other words, we receive Communion to be in communion.

As our young first communicants receive Jesus in The Eucharist for the first time this weekend, we are reminded that The Last Supper is also not a onetime event, but rather re-presented to us every time we celebrate the Mass.

Let us pray for, support, and enter into communion with these youngsters and their families this weekend, the rest of our lives, and forever through the transformative powers of The Resurrection and The Eucharist.


Yours in Christ,



Fr. Kevin