Father Kevin Fazio


“He made me do it!” has been, is, or will be the response oftentimes given and heard from others and from ourselves. Our initial reaction is to blame someone else, or circumstance itself, for our own poor decision-making and, at times, our sinfulness. The path to holiness, however, is first to look introspectively — from inside out — to pursue what is good, true, and beautiful.

There is a lot of finger-pointing going on in today’s Gospel, filled with shouting and doubt, blame and disagreement.  In the midst of all of this uncertainty and chaos, Jesus says to the man whose sight was restored, “Do you believe in the Son of Man?” In effect, he is saying this to us too.

We all have the free will to answer this question on our own and to allow the Lord to restore sight to our own blindness, however it manifests itself.

There is an intense and powerful scene from an excellent movie titled, Of Gods and Men, when a Trappist monk is being held at gunpoint by a terrorist who is threatening the existence and the lives of this religious community in Northern Africa.  The terrorist tells the monk, “You don’t have a choice,” when insisting that these Catholics either leave town or die.  The monk replies, “Yes I do,” to the bewilderment of his captors.

Our conscience is always free to make choices, regardless of circumstance or other people’s behavior. While this is certainly easier said than done, it is worth the pursuit!

On Mission Update

We will continue to update you on any school and parish news regarding the On Mission initiative, as news is made!

On Wednesday, March 22, there was another North Hills Regional Catholic Elementary School Board meeting, and on Thursday there was a Vicariate 4 meeting, where the parish models that were presented in the fall were discussed amongst the clergy and Bishop Zubik.

Please keep all in prayer!

Yours in Christ,



Fr. Kevin