Fr. Kevin C. Fazio

Give Everything to Jesus

Even before he carried his cross, Jesus took things from us so that he could serve us.

“Give me a drink,” he tells the Samaritan woman, and you “will never thirst.”

When you are happy…share that joy with Jesus.

When you are suffering…give that pain to Jesus.

When you are angry…yell at Jesus.

When you feel numb and are in a daze…hold the hand of Jesus.

When you have questions…ask Jesus.

Be authentic in your prayer to the Lord, and never thirst again.


Façade and Steeple Lighting

Many thanks to Rick Wittmer, Nathan Krueger, Carl Pieczynski and Michael Walter Landscaping for digging and rigging up the lights that now shine brightly on our church as an even more visible sign of Christ’s presence in the Wexford community.

And many thanks to our anonymous donor who offered to pay for the project…a job well done by all!


Yours in Christ,



Fr. Kevin