Fr. Kevin C. Fazio

This Is My Body…This Is My Blood

There are few more powerful words than those Jesus says to his disciples, to each one of us, and to all of humankind for all time, “This is my body, which is given up for you.”

As I spoke about in last week’s homily, the gesture of the sign of the cross is a prayer of embodiment, symbolizing the essence of who we are as Christians. We live Jesus through our bodies and our souls.

It is always endearing and moving when I am bedside with a person who is suffering, perhaps even preparing to go home to God in heaven, and we begin our prayer together with the sign of the cross. They can barely move their arm, at times they are too weak to open their eyes. Yet this simple gesture is so ingrained in their essence as a Catholic and as part of their prayer life, that they do their best to reach their right hand to their head, and slowly bless themselves in the name of the Trinity.

When they are able to receive the Eucharist, even if it is only a tiny piece of the consecrated host, the sacrament brings so much to their body and their soul and to family members who may be present. The power of these divine and human experiences is beyond description, yet many of us know them well when we offer ourselves to others.

“This is my body,” we say to our loved ones when we care for them when they need it the most … our children when they are young or physically challenged; our spouses when they suffer injury or illness; our aging parents when their health of mind or body declines.  We give of our bodies to them out of sacrificial love, in imitation of Jesus.

This is the price of love … it is also the joy of love.

Wishing all fathers the best on this Father’s Day 2017!


Yours in Christ,



Fr. Kevin