Fr. Kevin C. Fazio

Taking Care Of and Caring For 

A wise and learned priest who was one of our seminary teachers pointed out to me that there are subtle differences between the realities of “taking care of” and “caring for.” 

“Taking care of” a person or a situation insinuates dependency … that the individual(s) being taken care of is absolutely dependent upon other people for their well-being, or even their survival.

“Caring for” a person or a situation is more of relationship that involves comforting, maintaining peace, or keeping the status quo.

This is an interesting perspective, and one that I have occasionally reflected upon in thought and prayer in my own relationships, including my relationship with all of you, and with Jesus Christ.

The reality for us, as the beloved sons and daughters of God, is that God both “takes care of” us and “cares for us.”  At times, this may not seem like this is the case.  At other times, this is quite obvious.  Regardless of whether we realize it or not, God never fails us, and in the end, there really is no end for those who believe and live our lives centered on The One who cares for, and takes care of, everyone and everything!

Catholic Schools Regionalization

As was published and announced last week, the St. Alexis/St. Alphonsus School merger will commence the beginning of the 2017-18 school year, with Pre-K at the St. Alexis campus and grades K-8 at the St. Alphonsus campus. This is exciting and positive news, and I am confident that we will all put forth our best efforts to make this “new” school the premier school for Catholic education in this part of the diocese!  While this decision is not the typical “school closure” as we have seen in the past, we still need to recognize and be empathetic towards the reality that there is some sadness and sense of loss with many folks at the local schools/campuses that are not retaining the bulk of the students.

Again, I know that we will welcome any new families to our “new” school even before the fall months. In fact, it is already happening … thank you!

As Lent begins in a few days, may we always know that God is with us, and that we put all of our trust in Him.

Yours in Christ,



Fr. Kevin