Fr. Kevin C. Fazio

It Is Right and Just
Every once in a while it’s worth spending the time to reflect upon the reality that people got upset with Jesus … really upset with Jesus, and feared his message rather than trusting his guidance. As it was said to me this week, we seem to have “sanitized” him over time, made him nice and clean and neat and always at peace with the world and everyone around him.
In last Sunday’s gospel, he brought three of his closest friends up the mountain and into a moment of total peace and glorious joy. Then he led them right back down the mountain and into the messiness of life, which we hear of in this Sunday’s gospel from John. He was clearly not pleased with certain people’s behaviors, and he reprimanded them for it, which would have in turn upset those people. Evidently his intent was not to win any popularity contests! Instead, he “stood up” for what was right and true, and was willing to take the criticism, the punishment, and the pain, all the way to his death on the cross … all for our sake.
Are we willing, in our own way, through our own vocations, to “stand up” for what is right and just, for the greater glory of God? To set aside our own egos and agendas and enter into a genuine sacrifice this Lent?
It is not too late.

Yours in Christ,

Father Kevin C. Fazio
As we publically recognize them this Third Sunday of Lent, please continue to prayerfully and communally support our RCIA candidates as they journey toward full entrance into the Church: Ben Miller, Glenn Natali, Mark Heinl, and Rick Beatty.