Fr. Kevin C. Fazio

Midsummer On Mission Update

I write this note on July 31, which is the feast day of St. Ignatius of Loyola, founder of the Society of Jesus religious order, better known as the Jesuits.  Pope Francis is the most well-known Jesuit in the world right now.

August 1st is the feast day of St. Alphonsus of Ligouri, our patron saint, and founder of the Redemptorist religious order, the order of Father Francis X. Seelos, of whom our school is now named.

These are back-to-back big days for many of us, including myself, due to my affinity for the Jesuits and Ignatian Spirituality, and my affiliation with St. Al’s Parish as pastor during the past three years.

Sometimes we ask for saints to lend us a helping hand in our relationship with Jesus Christ …. it can’t hurt to ask for help!

We are only a few weeks away from the beginning of the school year and the religious education (CCD & RCIA) year.  A lot of work is being done by staff and volunteers “behind the scenes”- so to speak – to prepare for all of the activities that will commence this fall, including the clergy personnel changes in October.

Within the past two weeks, more and more of my time, efforts, and energies are moving toward where I will be re-assigned as the leader of five parishes in Butler.  Throughout the course of a day I bounce back and forth (in thought and in action) from “Butler stuff” to “St. Al’s & Seelos stuff”, and I’m sure this will continue until mid-October. Needless to say, this a unique and unprecedented time in our diocese.

I have met once with Father Paul Zywan (who will be responsible for St. Alexis and St. Alphonsus parishes) to discuss a few of the facets of parish life here at St. Al’s, and offer my suggestions regarding the new Mass and confession schedule that will begin on October 15.  As of now, it looks like we will know what this schedule will be by the end of August or early September.  We will post this information via all of the communication means possible (Mass announcements, letters, websites, bulletin, e-news, posters, etc.).

Please keep in your prayers, as I know many of you already do, those people throughout our diocese who are directly involved with parish life, and who are anxious and uncertain about the future of their parish, their jobs, their schools, etc.

We certainly carry on in faith … faith that the Holy Spirit is leading us in the direction of truth, renewal and growth.

And can’t hurt to ask for help:  St. Ignatius of Loyola, St. Alphonsus, St. Alexis, Blessed Francis Seelos…..

Pray for us!

Yours in Christ,



Fr. Kevin C. Fazio