Father Kevin Fazio

Community and Kinship

As a parish community, we do our very best to serve you in any way possible.

A key element in our efforts is communication — please let us know of your needs and what we can do to serve you.

Also, if you know of a parishioner who is homebound, ill, injured, in the hospital, etc. — regardless of whether they still live in the parish territory — please call the office and inform us.

At the very least, we can pray for those in need. If they live locally, we can also visit with them, write them notes and “Get Well” cards, send them our bulletin, and bring them Communion.

Our office personnel, members of our Men’s Fellowship group and Gold Club, and extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion already do a fine job with the aforementioned, but we know there are more folks out there who could use the prayers, the kinship, and the sacraments when they are immobile or facing life’s struggles.

While we cannot necessarily “fix” things, we can walk with them in times of need, as the hands, the legs, the voices, and the hearts of Jesus.


Yours in Christ,



Fr. Kevin C. Fazio