Fr. Kevin C. Fazio

Do You Believe?

We hear Jesus ask the people in his life, “Do you believe?” He asks Martha before he raises her brother Lazarus from the dead, and she confirms that she does believe in him.

We will never fully understand everything about our lives … why certain things happen and other things don’t happen … these are the mysteries of life.  However, we are still called to believe in Jesus as the caretaker of all before we arrive at a more complete understanding of it all. That  probably won’t happen until we are on the other side of life!

This trust that we place in Jesus is the gift of faith.

On Mission Update

As I mentioned at the end of all of the Masses last weekend, final decisions have not yet been made about On Mission changes in parishes. But we are moving closer toward having a better idea of the future parish “groupings.”

The clergy will first see these “groupings” in a meeting  scheduled for April 19.  On May 11, the On Mission Team Leaders from our district — which includes us, St. Ferdinand, St. Kilian, St. Richard, St. Catherine, St. Alexis, Sts. John & Paul, and St. John Neumann — will gather for a meeting where these “groupings” will be presented and discussed.

We are planning on having another parish evening of prayer, reflection, and discussion in May to present this information to all of you and answer any questions that you may have. Please stay tuned for specifics.

In the latest proposals, Bishop Zubik is considering rolling out the On Mission initiatives in three phases.  The announcements of the parish “groupings” and clergy assignments are scheduled to be made in March 2018. In the fall of 2018 the priests and deacons will begin their new assignments with “blueprints” as guides to help them merge the communities in their care.

  • The first phase will begin in the fall of 2018 with implementation to begin immediately.
  • The second phase will begin in the fall of 2018 with a 1 – 3 year implementation time frame.
  • The third phase will begin in the fall of 2018 with a 3 – 5 year implementation time frame.

Please keep all in prayer!

Yours in Christ,



Fr. Kevin