Where is the Spirit Leading You?

        From this Sunday’s Gospel, we know that the Spirit led Jesus into the dessert? Where is the Spirit leading you? What situations are you being asked to embrace? How might you be invited to take up the Cross? What is the Lord calling you to leave behind so that you may flourish? The possibilities are endless.

Lent is a time of retreat for the whole Church. We are asked to eat less (not diet – but a fast united to the sufferings of others and the love of God), pray more, and give to the poor (give more generously, proportionally, honestly). How are you being encouraged to align your life more closely with Jesus? Consider giving the gift of your time and talent in participating in one of the areas of parish life where your help can make a real difference.


Strengthen Our Community; Your Help is Needed

There are a number of areas in parish life where help is needed for us to function better and bear witness to the Body of Christ.  What are your skills and can you help make a difference? The following is a list of needs for service in our parishes. Please prayerfully consider the difference you can help to make.

Sacristans: Sacristans help by setting out what is needed in preparing to celebrate the Mass and other liturgical events.   Description of duties: being present approximately 3 minutes before Mass and staying a few minutes afterward. Number needed: 3 (men or women) at Saint Alphonsus.

Altar Servers:  Servers assist the priest during the celebration of Holy Mass and other liturgical events.  Training is offered by parents who have been instructed. Two training sessions are required.  Boys and girls in fourth grade and above are welcome. Parents are asked to talk to their children about participating in this ministry.  What a great expression of service and devotion to the Lord. A number of servers are need at both Saint Alphonsus and Saint Alexis.  Servers who have been trained will be welcome to serve at either church.

Assistance at Nursing Home Masses:  There is a least one Mass each week celebrated at a personal care home within our parish grouping.  Help is needed in wheeling residents to Mass and returning them to their rooms. We also welcome guests to participate with us at Mass and perhaps proclaim the reading and responsorial psalm.  The schedule is as such:

First Monday of the month: Grace Manor, Babcock Boulevard

Second Monday of the month: Wexford House, Old Perry Highway

Friday of the second week of the month: North Hills Health & Rehabilitation Center, Swinderman Road

Third Monday of the month: Sunrise, off of Babcock Boulevard

Fourth Monday of the month: Concordia Home, Brown Road

All Masses are scheduled for 2:00 p.m.

Laundering of Altar Linens:

This service is one that actually fosters peacefulness and prayer (Seriously!).  Volunteers are asked to pick-up the used linens from Sunday and launder, iron and return them to the church by Friday of the same week.

Time involved is approximately one and a half to two hours per turn.  Number needed: four at Saint Alphonsus and one at Saint Alexis.

Saint Martha Society: These are volunteers who do light dusting of the sanctuary, sacristies and church in preparation for Sunday gatherings.  Time commitment of approximately one hour a week on a Friday or Saturday morning. We would like to form teams of two or three individuals to work together. You choose a time that would be convenient to you and we supply what you might need.  Number needed: four to eight at Saint Alexis. 

Outdoor/Garden Committee:  Spring is approaching!  Do you enjoy working outside or are you willing to try something new?  No meetings! Either commit to a flowerbed, grouping of pots or area or just be available on a call list for a project when your schedule permits.  This area of service offers great personal satisfaction while inspiring others and giving glory to God.

If you might be interested in any of these areas of ministry and service or are curious to learn more about what might be involved, please call MaryEllen at the parish offices at 724.935.4343 x221.


Update on Deacon Al

This past Tuesday, I spoke with Deacon Al’s wife Donna – and Deacon Al!  Praise God!

He is resting in the hospital following his surgery to remove a portion of his lung last Friday.  He has had a few rough days since but as of Tuesday was feeling a bit stronger. He said he is doing “ok.”  Unsure at this time what treatment will be prescribed as a follow-up, he asked that we continue to remember him in our prayers.  He is most grateful for your love and spiritual remembrance.

P.S.  Please also keep Al’s dear wife Donna and their family in your prayer.  I know that she has to be exhausted. Thank you!