All Glory Praise and Honor!

Next Sunday, April 14, is Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord. The commemoration of he Lord’s entrance will take place at:

9:15 a.m. prior to the 9:30 a.m. Mass
at Saint Alphonsus
9:45 a.m. prior to 10:00 a.m. Mass
at Saint Alexis

Join us for this beautiful solemn procession by arriving for Mass early and remaining outside of church. Palms will be distributed beforehand so that they may be blessed and carried in the procession.

Weather permitting, all who attending the 9:30 a.m. Mass at Saint Alphonsus are invited to gather in front of the main entrance of Blessed Francis Seelos Academy. Those who be attending the 10:00 a.m. Mass at Saint Alexis are to gather in the parking lot on the side of the church across from the old church building. Again, these solemn processions are weather permitting.

Once home, display your blessed palm branches in your home behind crucifixes or religious pictures as a reminder throughout the year of the Lord’s journey to Jerusalem and triumph over death and the grave. Old palms from previous years may be deposited in the barrels located in the back of each church for a limited period of time. May we prepare for these high holy days of the Church with joy and anticipation!

Confirmation Date

We received word that Bishop William J. Waltersheid will be celebrating the Sacrament of Confirmation for the Catholic Community of Wexford on Tuesday evening, September 17 at 7:00 p.m. In accord with a specific request by Bishop Zubik that each grouping host a single celebration for Confirmation (unless there are significant concerns).

The decision was made to host this celebration at Saint Alexis so as to not restrict the number of family members that may attend and an allow for an unrestricted number of guests.

Please continue to remember the young people who are preparing to receive this sacrament in your prayers. God has GREAT gifts in store for them — and His Church! Pray too, for their parents; they are critical in fostering their children’s faith lives by their own relationship with Jesus and personal example. May all of us, as the baptized, have hearts o-p-e-n to receive the outpouring of God’s love and guidance everyday in our lives

Parish-Wide Community Meetings

Thanks to all who attended the recent Community Meetings at Saint Alexis and Saint Alphonsus. It was wonderful to have a forum to share some of the great news of the progress we have made in the spirit of On Mission for the Church Alive! This includes what has been accomplished as we are journeying to be The Catholic Community of Wexford. Bringing clarity and dismissing misnomers is critical to moving forward. With the members of the Executive Committee of Pastoral Council, we appreciated hearing what concerns members of both parishes. All points of discussion were recorded and we look forward to reviewing them in the near future. A word of gratitude to all the members of Pastoral Council who are committed to servant leadership with an openness to God’s guidance and a focus in serving the good of the entire community. Every one of us is being called to build a vibrant, Spirit driven, singular parish family – the Catholic Community of Wexford. Updates to follow.

They’re A True Gift!

If we are paying attention, we recognize over the years the declining number of people who attend Mass regularly on Sundays. This is not unique to our community. Sadly, it’s a part of a growing trend across our country. We cannot just passively sit by and expect things to change. God is depending on each of us to be directors of first impressions by welcoming guests into the Church and leading them closer to Jesus. This is why God made us.

Each one of us has been called by name from the moment of Baptism to be a disciple and to make disciples for Jesus. This is the most important responsibility that Jesus has entrusted to each one of us. To accomplish this mission, we don’t need a PhD or any degree for that matter. What we need is a love for Jesus and our neighbor including strangers, and an outward focus toward others. I am raising this point now before we begin the celebration of Holy Week and the great feast of Easter. Expect visitors, guests, fallen away Catholics and those just searching for meaning and purpose in their life to be with us. Don’t be surprised by the larger number of people in church in days ahead, particular on Easter Sunday. What a great opportunity to welcome guests back into the arms of the Church. But just remember, God wants YOU to help build-up the kingdom by your welcoming spirit and joy-filled disposition! Don’t let the devil win. See any inconvenience to our regular routine as a gesture of loving sacrifice . What a blessing to give-up our regular seat, slide in the pew rather than “holding our ground” and even have to stand so that others – strangers, may know the welcome and love of Christ.

Friends, Easter is a time for us to evangelize – that is to bring others to Jesus. Let us make the most of this opportunity that is ours. Lord, help us to be the welcoming community you desire us to be. Blessings…

In Jesus’ love,

Fr. Zywan