Fish Fry logo with borderThe St. Alphonsus Fish Fry raised $79,025 during the 2015 Lenten season! 
Many thanks go to the hundreds of volunteers who made this year’s Fish Fry a smashing success!

Special thanks to Frank McSorley, Fish Fry Chairman, and the following (listed in order of the weekly Fish Fry process)

  • Friday Night – Pull from the freezer the Fish, Shrimp and Soup for the upcoming fish fry – Steve Reagan 
  • Wednesday Evening – Thawing Process – Bob Pfau 
  • Volunteer Coordinator – Terri McSteen 
  • Thursday Afternoon Condiments and Drink Preparation – Audrey Dunn/MaryAnn Cuddy
  •  Evening Fish Cutting – Frank McSorley
  • Friday Morning Breading – MaryAnn Cuddy assisted by Suzanne Maffei
  • Dining Room Setup – Beth Pohlod
  • Dining Room Coordinator –Terri McSteen
  • Dine-in Food Line – Sharon Winkler
  • Hostess – MaryAnn Cuddy
  • Kitchen Coordinator – Mike Cuddy
  • To-Go Coordinator – Sue Reagan
  • To-Go Window – Vickie Kaminski
  • To-Go Expediter – George Payne
  • To-Go Ordering Website – Matt McSorley
  • Drink Coordinator – Rose Lechmanick
  • Dessert Coordinator – Joanna Myers
  • Trash / Cafeteria Cleanup – Bob Parry
  • Inventory Control – Frank McSorley/Tricia McSorley
  • Funds Coordinator – Mary King
  • Sponsorship funds and sponsorship boards – Beth Hackmann
  • Communications Coordinator – Cindy Cusic Micco
  • Finance – Lori McKinniss

Special thanks to Carl Pieczynski, Alice Dominijanni, Ron Barchfeld, Steve McKinniss, Dan Koller, Kerri Gaus, Mark and Eileen Prybyl, Barb and Dave Sippel, and Jim and Heather Baranowski