When the holiday busy-ness has slowed down, that is the best time to catch your breath and just be still and know that He is God.

A St. Alphonsus retreat weekend at St. Paul of the Cross Monastery on the Southside offers you that opportunity. It’s a chance to relax, listen, and pay attention to God speaking to your heart.

Our women’s retreat is from Jan. 12 to 14 and the men’s retreat is from Jan. 26 to 28. The retreats begin on Friday evening and conclude after Mass on Sunday. If you can only stay one day, that is fine too. Please contact the retreat team for more information.

Eileen Minnock at 724-816-9570 or eminnock697@msn.com; Mark Prybyl at 724-766-2608 or markprybyl@gmail.com; or Mary Evers at 412-855-2069 or forevermary@comcast.net.