Angel in Cemetery 2The St. Alphonsus cemetery offers us a glimpse into the parish’s history through the dates and family names on the gravestones.

Sandstone grave markers dating back to the 1800s tell the story of a community founded by immigrants of Irish and German descent. When the cemetery reached capacity in the late 1900s, a rose granite “Mausoleum of the Apostles” was dedicated in 1981. It is embellished with the figures of the four evangelists.

The grave of the man who donated the land to build St. Alphonsus Church—Ambrose Schaffer—is located close to the church’s north side.

The cemetery is under the management of the Catholic Parish Cemeteries Association of the Diocese of Pittsburgh. All cemetery and mausoleum inquiries should be directed to 412-256-9370 or

Mausoleum Art 1